ladies’ sashes

Light or featherweight in traditional 100% pure new wool tartan to stake your claim to your ancestry or just to match your man’s kilt. This can be a wonderful keepsake, pinned to the bride’s dress when she is welcomed into the family and into the clan. It’s also used as a swaddling wrap when you Christen your children and likewise welcome them into the family and the clan.

We have access to many hundreds (if not thousands) of tartans. Each sash is cut, overlocked and hand fringed at both ends.


Ladies’ shawls are cut and hand-fringed by our seamstress and available in a choice of many hundreds of lightweight 100% pure new wool tartans.


bridal accessories

Tartan bridal garters are a must and woe betide the man who catches one. We also carry a small collection of ribbons and bows for groom lapel pins and corsages.

a touch of tartan

Just a touch of tartan for the bride’s mom, maybe? There are lots of ways to add another splash of tartan colour to your wedding.